Can all aspects of sports help bridge races, genders, regions, and beliefs — while helping build soft skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship?

This program aims to prepare youth for work and civic life in 2030 and support mentors in mission-driven firms. Sports will be infused in a curriculum focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership and communications. Sports videos and case studies will offer curriculum-relevant messages.

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Financial Literacy




The proof of concept boot camp to test “sports as a hook” for learning was held on August 7, 8, and 9, 2018 at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee School of Public Health and Concordia University – Wisconsin in Mequon.  Some 27 high school students from Neenah, Milwaukee, Madison and Beloit participated.  There were 15 adults as chaperones, teachers, coaches and observers.   Among the observers from Beloit was Lamont Weaver, a parent, who’s 1969 “Shot heard around Wisconsin” captured the attention statewide and inspired Bridge and Build 50 years later.

Wisconsin must find a way to attract and retain talent. This sport-based approach uses the state’s strengths to motivate and develop youth so they remain as productive workers and citizens.

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Apr. 15 to Aug. 4: Recruit, prepare and motivate 30 diverse youth, some with disabilities, in 9th and 10th grades from Milwaukee, Neenah, Beloit, Madison. Youth should like sports but need not be athletes. Help parents, teachers, coaches, peers, communities support them for boot camp success.


Aug. 5 to Aug. 10: In a Proof of Concept boot camp, use sports as a hook to instruct in soft skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership and communications and give the youth memorable and motivating experiences that carry them through the school year.


Aug. 11 to Dec. 31: Using a Ripon College evaluation team, prepare a Sept. 10 presentation for Bader Philanthropies; at a Ripon retreat, discuss whether to proceed, and respond to the Bader request to partner on a feasibility study of an all-youth sports center and development program in consultation with the Milwaukee Sports Alliance.


Aug. 11 to May 2019: To keep faith with the 30 youth, support their development as leaders and ambassadors in workshops and through mentoring, helping them be the inspiration in bridging Milwaukee and Madison through pizza and murals and Neenah and Beloit through collaborative and competitive entrepreneurship in the 50th anniversary year of the “shot heard around Wisconsin.”

Recruit, prepare and motivate 30 diverse youth
Prepare youth for work and civic life in 2030



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