Boot Camp Goal

The boot camp will equip students with basic elements of fiscal literacy, life, entrepreneurship and leadership skills for their development as workers and citizens.


The proof of concept boot camp to test “sports as a hook” for learning was held on August 7, 8, and 9, 2018 at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee School of Public Health and Concordia University – Wisconsin in Mequon.  Some 27 high school students from Neenah, Milwaukee, Madison and Beloit participated.  There were 15 adults as chaperones, teachers, coaches and observers.   Among the observers from Beloit was Lamont Weaver, a parent, who’s 1969 “Shot heard around Wisconsin” captured the attention statewide and inspired Bridge and Build 50 years later.

Sponsoring entities were the public schools in Beloit and Neenah, Mentoring Positives in Madison and Neighborhood House of Milwaukee.

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Certificate Earned

Each of the students who attended the Bridge and Build proof of concept earned a certificate for their participation.  They attended three days of classes and exercises.  Many participated in the pitch competition of ideas or products.   Each of the four entities that sponsored the students had their logos on the certificates which were signed by Bob Wynn, president of Asset Builders of America and Jeff Smoller, president of the Wisconsin Academy of Global Education and Training.  The certificates were awarded at Concordia University – Wisconsin after completion of all of the classes.  Students were then recognized at pre-game ceremonies at Kapco Field, home of the Lakeshore Chinooks.

2018 Boot Camp Testimonials


Curriculum fit youth attendees:

  • Strongly agreed or agreed
  • No opinion

In future, have more cross-city activities:

  • Strongly agreed
  • Agreed

In future have more sports activity:

  • Strongly agreed or agreed
  • No opinion

Gender Identification:

  • Female
  • Male

Racial and/or Ethnic Identification

  • Black
  • Bi-racial
  • White
  • Mexican
  • Prefer not to answer

School Districts

  • Neenah
  • Madison
  • Milwaukee
  • Beloit